Google Analytics allows website owners to get closer to a performance-based marketing. We’re not considering it just an important tool, but we consider it essential.

The more a company considers the website as a strategic marketing or sales resource, the more it will find in Google Analytics an assessment tool that can answer our questions on the return on investments made.

The most professional features of Google Analytics are:

  • Setting goals and monitoring
  • Integration with AdWords and AdSense
  • Complete functionality for campaign monitoring
  • Monitoring of mobile devices
  • Monitoring of social networks
  • Monitoring of internal site research
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Custom reports
  • Analytics Intelligence
  • Dashboard
  • Data export
  • Geographic targeting

What to do so?

First of all you need to check with your webmaster that the tracking code is installed correctly on your site. Verify that you have the access keys to query the platform when you want.

If not, ask the administrator or webmaster to put us in a position to access this type of information.

Periodically check the recorded and analyzed data with the help of expert personnel.

ATTENTION, Google Analytics changes continuously

Who periodically uses the statistical reports made by Google Analytics could notice periodic updates regarding the navigation interface with the addition of new and powerful analysis functions.

For a corporate or professional website we suggest exploiting all the advanced specifications of Google Analytics!